March 11, 2013

Top tips for shopping abroad

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Travelscene American Express' Top Tips for Shopping Abroad!

Shopping and travelling go together like bees and honey – a perfect match. Meandering through bustling markets, weird and wonderful shops, bazaars and boutiques can be a holiday highlight. To ensure you make the most of your next holiday shopping sprees, the experts at Travelscene American Express reveal their top 5 tips for shopping bliss!

  • Spoil yourself a little! The strong Aussie dollar means you could pick up some real bargains abroad, and you might even stumble across some 'one off' gems that can't be found back home. Go on - bring back fond memories of your time away.
  • Pack light – or take a collapsible bag inside your suitcase, or why not do both! This way you will have plenty of space. Check with your travel agent before you go on luggage weight and piece allowances too so that you're not caught out.
  • Do some research – got friends who have been there before? Ask them where they loved to shop. Put the word out on social media, check online and ask your travel agent. Better yet, when you get to your destination, why not ask a few locals who could help you find some great shopping spots 'off the beaten track'.
  • Check customs restrictions – every country has its own laws, customs restrictions and duty free allowances which do change, so before you fly, visit for up to date information to avoid any disappointment.
  • Utilise your travel agent – because chance are, they've been there too. Travelscene American Express travel experts can give you tips and advice for the shopaholic in us all!

Whatever type of spender you are, there is nothing better than finding shopping bargains in a brand new city. For more tips to make your next holiday really pay off, have a chat to your local Travelscene American Express Member Agency – you never know what could be waiting for you around the next corner….

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