October 22, 2022

From tobacco, leather and wooden furniture to luxury hotel: The evoloution of The Porter House Hotel Sydney - M Gallery

My fascination with unusual hotels is no secret, particularly the historic properties that either started life as hotels or some other civic or private structure.

Wandering the streets of the Sydney CBD is a self-guided tour anyone can do, spotting the old sandstone and marble structures some of which, like the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Hyde Park Barracks, date back to the convict architect, Francis Greenway, of the early 19th century.

October 20, 2022

California: Love to love LA

Downtown LA Shot for Discover LA by Matt Marriott

The hedonistic city of Los Angeles is made for lovers. For lovers all things from wine and food, to nature, shopping and the performing arts.

Share the love in LA with these attractions.

October 19, 2022

Ushuaia: The City at the End of the World

If there is one thing to remember about travelling to the world’s southernmost city, it’s not to make jokes about the Falklands War.

As recently as October, controversial BBC TV personality, Jeremy Clarkson, and the crew from Top Gear were obliged to leave Ushuaia ahead of schedule over controversy about one of the car’s number plates, H982 FKL. Locals took this to be an insensitive reference to the 1982 Falklands War when the UK militarily humiliated Argentina during their failed occupation of the disputed South Atlantic islands.

October 15, 2022

Mission Berlin: Driving like a secret agent in a luxury Bentley Continental

There’s nothing quite like a luxury car and exclusive hotels to get your imagination running wild. Roderick Eime channels his inner secret agent on a fast-paced mission from Berlin to Copenhagen.

By Roderick Eime  |  Originally published in Luxury Travel Magazine #71, Spring 2017

My exciting instructions read like a plot for a Robert Ludlum spy thriller and I can’t help imagining myself as some Cold War operative on an undercover espionage mission.

October 14, 2022

Hotel Snapshot: Atura Adelaide Airport

Veteran travel journalist, Ian McIntosh, skips through Adelaide Airport en route to Europe and samples Adelaide's airport hotel.

I was sipping French champagne at 10.30am - and why not? It has been more than three years since I boarded a flight for Europe. We are heading to Singapore today  - then Munich and onwards. Spent last night at the Atura Adelaide Airport Hotel and was quite impressed. 

October 12, 2022

Roadtripping with the girls - Adelaide to Melbourne

Dispatches from the 'missing-in-action' travel writer, Carolyne Jasinski. Apparently, she's been on the road having way too much fun to post.

Is it wise to let three women loose on the road in a motorhome, driving from Adelaide to Melbourne? As well as wineries, bakeries, history, shopping, hot spas and hiking, we tested the motorhome vs car/cabin options along the Great Ocean Road. And did I mention bakeries?

October 03, 2022

Fiona McIntosh revels in Spring

Hello to all my friends and readers

Spring is here and there are explosions of life throughout our gardens and the bees are madly active again, the maggies are busy preparing for their young, and I am making sure I enjoy the last of the 'green' for another year...cycle of life. 

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