June 17, 2023

Sail and Bike in the Netherlands aboard Leafde fan Fryslan

Travel specialist, Martyn R Paterson takes us to the Wedder Sea and Friesland Islands

My week aboard the sailing ship Leafde fan Fryslan was thoroughly enjoyable. The trip was varied and interesting with everything going smoothly despite some wild, windy days.

June 13, 2023

Idiots Abroad: The stupid things we do when travelling!

Years ago when I was still at uni, my final assignment was on the risks of injury or death while travelling overseas. It turned out to be quite an eye-opener and revealed to me the various dangers travellers face while overseas for business or leisure.

June 12, 2023

Best-selling author, Fiona McIntosh, explores the Haunch of Venison

This photo shows the Haunch of Venison, which is one of southern England's oldest hostelries, tracing its first record around 1320 when the building was used to house craftsmen who were working on the now famous Salisbury Cathedral spire. Apparently, beneath the fireplace, there is an old bread oven that contains a smoke-preserved and mummified hand and - I love this - is believed to belong to a demented card player from the eighteenth century who supposedly lost his hand during a game of whist because he was found to be cheating!

June 03, 2023

Why Trains beat planes for travel in Europe

Travel writing doyen, Jeremy Bourke, ponders the many advantages of training versus planing through Europe. His considered verdict follows.

Ah, the irony. I'm gliding between the Austrian city of Villach and beautiful Salzburg, writing this ode to the joys of rail travel – on a train I shouldn't be on. I caught the right one, from Slovenia's capital Ljubljana to Frankfurt, and it departed 10 minutes late. Acceptable.

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