November 29, 2023

Fiona McIntosh visits Sydney for The Sugar Palace

Here's Stevie Jacobs and myself walking through the streets of The Rocks
...with a film one does!

Well to tell the truth I thought this was a very quirky tale and I did have some moments of worry that it wouldn't hit the mark.  I had to trust the Penguin team which felt there was something magical about the story that packed plenty of fun and lightness into what turned into a gangster tale.  And the two lead characters, despite coming from such wildly different backgrounds and attitudes, were very easy to like and cheer for.  

November 11, 2023

The Copper Canyon train: World's Longest Day Trip?

It's 4am and the alarm clock is going ape.

We tumble out of bed, shower, dress, and with hardly a word spoken, head for the Lido Restaurant where strong coffee may, just may, make us feel human.

November 01, 2023

Eastern Grand Palace Hotel Pattaya: Full of surprises

Hotels are often full of surprises. Sometimes it's an unusual location, standout architecture, fascinating backstories or an outlandish art collection.

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