October 05, 2020

The Australian Outback is a bonanza for 'pickers' and 'junkers'

DSCN9711 The vast Australian outback yields wonder for 'pickers' and scrapyard junkies. The dry desert air preserves many relics that would otherwise disintegrate in warmer, wetter regions, leaving a veritable museum of history scattered over hundreds of thousands of square kilometres.

During the last week, I had the privilege of travelling into the northern reaches of South Australia, visiting several remote homesteads, ruins, ghost towns and junkyards. Being so far away from normal trafficked routes, much interesting material was still in place. Old cars and trucks, bottles, machinery and various household items were still there to be enjoyed.

Below are just a few photos from some of these locations. You'll understand if I refrain from giving precise locations as public access is not permitted in many circumstances. Otherwise, if anyone has further details on any of these items or locations, comments welcome. DSCN9710 DSCN9709 DSCN9715 DSCN9734 DSCN9782 DSCN9783 DSCN9774 DSCN9776 DSCN9824 DSCN9637 DSCN9717 DSCN9858 IMG_20200929_123614158_HDR IMG_20200928_172000672_HDR All material (c) Copyright Traveloscopy.com unless noted otherwise.

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