February 13, 2012

Queen Elizabeth: To sea on an iron maiden

by Robert Upe / smh.com.au

Winning story
2011 ICCA Cruising Awards

On a world voyage, Robert Upe discovers cigar lounges and dress codes endure on the new Queen Elizabeth.

A fine salt spray whips off the back of the waves as they roll by. I can taste it on my lips. I'm leaning on the rail of a ship's balcony, high above the water, but the spray softly drifts up to me, refreshing like a spritzer.

These are waves that may never break because we are a long way from land - on my calculation at longitude 164.77E and latitude 38.82S. This places us in the middle of the Tasman Sea, otherwise referred to as the Ditch, between Australia and New Zealand in an area known for its wild seas and white-knuckle yachting

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