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On April 14, 2012 at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, be transported to another time as you experience the unfolding fate of the Titanic, revealed through the same wireless messages operators received in 1912.

It’s the every day details, like the bath tub in the captain’s quarters or the cook’s pot in ‘hell’s kitchen’ that bring home the scope of this 100 year-old tragedy. The museum features ‘Cable Ships: Connecting Halifax to Titanic and the World’, which recounts the personal stories of crew members from the Halifax-based cable ships involved in the recovery of bodies from the site.

Experience a life-sized diorama offering a lifeboat view of the mighty ship’s last moments and gaze upon one of the world’s only intact Titanic deck chairs, a relic from a bygone era. The museum also features a photographic exhibit, An Earnest Price: 150 Grave Stories, showcasing the grave markers of the 150 victims buried in Halifax cemeteries.

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Titanic met its fate 603 kilometres off the coast of Cape Race, Newfoundland, and the province is honouring its Titanic connections with:
  • A dramatic recreation of ship-to-shore communications between vessels over the ship’s grave site.
  • A 1912-themed meal and minute-by-minute recreation of the events at sea 100 years ago.
  • Ryan Mansion in historic St John’s captures the feeling of grandeur from the Titanic’s era, with its sweeping grand staircase built by the same craftsmen who created the staircase for the luxury liner.
  • Titanic Dinners at Ryan Mansion replicate the six-course opulence of the actual last menu served on the ship, using replicated china from the Titanic’s first-class dining saloon.

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