October 14, 2022

Hotel Snapshot: Atura Adelaide Airport

Veteran travel journalist, Ian McIntosh, skips through Adelaide Airport en route to Europe and samples Adelaide's airport hotel.

I was sipping French champagne at 10.30am - and why not? It has been more than three years since I boarded a flight for Europe. We are heading to Singapore today  - then Munich and onwards. Spent last night at the Atura Adelaide Airport Hotel and was quite impressed. 

Tired, soulless airport hotels are usually the pits - to be avoided at all costs. However you get good vibes from the Atura as soon as you walk in - the large, well-lit foyer area is home to a busy bar and restaurant. The interior designer has had a bit of fun with the decor without getting too carried away  - and the total package is warm and welcoming. 

The rooms are large, bright and very well equipped - everything from plenty of power points and a charging pad through to a fully stocked mini fridge, coffee machine, iron and board, excellent lighting, individual soap, shampoo, conditioner and bodywash in the bathroom - plenty of consistent hot water - I could go on.  Another surprise is the restaurant - thumbs up to the chef. We left for an early morning flight refreshed and ready to go.

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