October 03, 2022

Fiona McIntosh revels in Spring

Hello to all my friends and readers

Spring is here and there are explosions of life throughout our gardens and the bees are madly active again, the maggies are busy preparing for their young, and I am making sure I enjoy the last of the 'green' for another year...cycle of life. 

And this season always means a new historical fiction novel from me; four weeks earlier this year so I'll be touring through October and November in my new green wardrobe!

I've enjoyed a lovely winter that has been quietly busy with writing, which is why in coming months it's not just one but two books on release so come early next year the bookshops will have another McIntosh title to give you.  

The best news for my spring is that my family is reunited. Our three boys have all managed to find reasons to return to South Australia permanently and I couldn't be happier.  Now I can call a family lunch or dinner at the drop of a hat instead of trying to plan months out and co-ordinate so many diaries and consider flights and time off work, blah blah.  To have the boys so accessible, well even if one can't make it, the other two will - I feel very spoiled but then I've always believed that family is the most important aspect of my life and I've cherished it since childhood and work hard to maintain it.  I never need an excuse to cook up a storm for my gang and the more the merrier for me.  For us it also means dog-sitting and sometimes house sitting opportunities...for them it is probably going to mean baby sitting on tap when the time comes....if I'm not in Paris as I keep threatening, haha.

I am making a bit of home in Salisbury, UK at the moment so expect more books from the western side of England, within easy striking distance.  I've tended to lean into Sussex a lot because that's where I'm from originally and whenever we were in London I'd do a dash to Brighton because it's familiar and easy to set scenes in and around that East Sussex region.  I'm striking out though and basing myself more in the west as I only have a few childhood memories of a trip to Cornwall and one to Wales and while I have visited Stonehenge, I've never spent time in Bath, Bristol, Cotswolds, Windsor, etc.

During the darkest times of Covid we, like everyone else had to put travel on hold. And because I have to travel a great deal, we often book as far ahead as the airlines will permit but it meant we had loads of trips in the system but couldn't take them. After three years we are now in the firing line, so to speak, and airlines/cruise lines are forcing us to travel or lose our trips.  So...we're travelling and it begins in October with a trip to The Holy Land that I am so looking forward to as this, as I explained at Facebook, is a childhood ambition being realised.  

But before that I have a national book tour to kick off and I am so looking forward to being on the road again and meeting as many of you as I can to say thank you in person for your friendship and loyalty.

Hope this spring newsletter finds you well, bright and feeling positive.


Fiona's latest book, The Orphans, is out now.
Check out tour dates at www.fionamcintosh.com 

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