December 04, 2012

What happens when three crazy guys on three yachts set sail for the South Pacific?

Dancing across the South Pacific

Sailing to paradise with humor as your guide

What do you get when you put three crazy guys on three yachts with dreams of a sailing adventure around the South Pacific? Enough stories to last a lifetime!

Canadian Alan Boreham, Australian Peter Jinks and New Zealander Bob Rossiter set off from different points in the world—one on his first high seas adventure, one racing aboard a classic wooden yacht, and one in the company of a Hollywood star.

"We encountered people so unusual that you couldn't hope to invent them," says Boreham. "We decided we wanted to share these sailing experiences and these characters with people who would never have the opportunity to venture out there themselves."

Beer in the Bilges offers a fascinating glimpse into sailing voyages where three men have to rely on their skills, their wit and, most importantly, on each other.

"These real life sailing adventures, both funny and dramatic, introduce you to curious characters and peculiar situations in remote parts of the idyllic South Pacific," Jinks says.

These stories, a mix of humor and drama, will provide readers with a temporary escape from their world.

"This book takes a comical, honest, edgy and at times irreverent approach," says Rossiter. "While some or all of us are featured in each chapter, we are generally only a vehicle to introduce the interesting people, situations and places we experienced in our travels."

One of the classic yachts featured prominently in the book, the Ron of Argyll, has hosted many interesting guests during its life, one of which was Marilyn Monroe. The other featured yacht is Yankee Tar, owned by Hollywood actor Hal Holbrook, who, with his wife Dixie Carter, donated it to the Mariners' Museum in Newport News, Virginia in 2006.

Beer in the Bilges
By Alan Boreham, Peter Jinks and Bob Rossiter
370 pages
Hardcover 6x9, retail price: $34.95
Paperback 6x9, retail price: $24.95
E-book, retail price: $3.99
ISBN: 9781475928815

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