January 27, 2011

Peru: Navigating Titicaca, The Lake Where the World was Created

According to Inca mythology, the world was created from Lake Titicaca. This Inca sacred place is also the highest navigable lake in the world (3800 m above the sea level) and contains numerous islands whose inhabitants continue to live as their ancestors did. Leaving from Puno, the folklore capital of Peru, a tour through Lake Titicaca and its islands guarantees a fascinating experience, not to be missed for any visitor to Peru.

Promperu's coordinator for Asia Pacific, Rosana Guinea, says that many travellers to Peru consider Lake Titicaca a more magical experience than Machu Picchu. "There is a broad offer of tours and mid-range accommodation around Titicaca, with an increasing number of luxury hotels being developed in the last few years", Rosana said.

Located between Bolivia and Peru, the sacred lake of the Incas showcases a magnificent and peaceful landscape, only interrupted by tiny little islands where a limited number of visitors can stay and taste the true ancient Inca culture.

The best way to reach Lake Titicaca is travelling to Puno (388 km from Cusco) by train, bus or air. The city of Puno lies on the shores of the lake and it's worth a stopover. It was the territory of the Tiahuanacos (800- 1200 A.D.), the highest cultural expression of the Aymara people that established themselves in what is today Peru and Bolivia.

The Incas took over these lands in the fifteenth century, and the Spanish left an important Colonial legacy throughout the entire area. Puno is also known as the folklore capital of Peru, with the internationally known Virgen de la Candelaria Festival held during the first week of February. More than 200 bands follow the colourful parade that takes place on the central day of this Festival.

A tour through Lake Titicaca should always include a visit to Uros, Amantini and Taquille Islands. The man-made floating Islands of Uros provide a good impression of how the Ayamra-speaking locals have lived for centuries. The floating islands have been made entirely from totora reeds growing from the lake, and locals still navigate in their traditional totora boats.

Continuing to Amantini Island, travellers will have the opportunity to experience traditional culture staying overnight with the locals, and will be able to see the snow-capped Cordillera Real Mountains in Bolivia overlooking the lake. Finally, tourism in Taquille Island is strictly controlled by the locals, who will provide advice on where to eat or sleep at a really good price (around $ 3 per night).

For more information on Peru, please visit www.peru.info


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