February 24, 2024

Richard Quest takes a break after 20 years

After 21 years at CNN, I am taking my long service leave! 

Four weeks away from the office. I know: my colleagues think I will cave. Not a chance

Last year I celebrated 20 years working at CNN. And have met some amazing people and of course look considerably younger

One of the perks of 20 years is a one-month sabbatical – it has to be taken as four weeks, it can’t be split off. Initially, I thought now I’m not gonna take it- too busy, too many other things to be doing I can’t take a month off!

But then Covid and all the changes that have taken place made me rethink. If not now when?

This is not carpe diem - seize the day, make the most of the time while we are here and so on. No. My decision to take the sabbatical is more about teaching myself to do things differently - that is the lesson I’ve taken from the pandemic.

Be open to new ideas. Do things differently.. Don’t be stuck in the rut.

And so tomorrow I go to France to where I should spend two weeks learning French and then it will be to the beach to improve my swimming And my coffee making-I think many of you know my pandemic project was to learn to be a proper barista.

None of this is revolutionary stuff. It won’t change the world. But as I turn 60 this year, it might jolt this old age pensioner  into realizing you can teach an old dog new tricks

Whatever you’re up to in the month ahead ... J'espère que c'est rentable.

Richard Quest was a special guest at Travmedia's IMM in Sydney, where he entertained more than 400 media and travel trade guests.

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