October 25, 2023

Two nights at the new Dorsett Hotel in Melbourne

Have to say I quite enjoyed my two-night stay at the new Dorsett Hotel in Little Lonsdale Street, central Melbourne. Review by Ian McIntosh.

Automated check-in (Ian McIntosh)
The property opened in Autumn 2023 and offers 316 stylishly appointed hotel rooms and suites. I don't know if any of the rooms get a view - mine certainly didn’t - but there are lots of plusses that I will outline later. For a start the hotel is a short walk from Melbourne's famed SkyBus airport/city link. A senior like me can buy a return ticket for $30. Just for the record a cab would cost about $90 each way. Check-in was quick and easy - and there is an automated check-in system available - not that I saw anyone use it. There is a nice little cocktail bar on the ground floor as you walk in - don't miss the happy hour. Lifts are quick on the way up but due to a technical hitch kept stopping at each floor on the way down which was vaguely annoying. 

Dorsett Room (supplied)

My mid-sized room was nicely furnished - not a large wardrobe but who needs that these days? The desk was small as well - adequate though for one computer - and yes a USB slot and power were nearby. Slots either side of the bed as well - essential these days but you don't always see it - even in new properties. The bedside lights are bright and adjustable - there is a safe - but badly located - you need to get on your knees to set it up. Nice to see wine and ordinary glasses - and yes there is a coffee machine. There is a small carton of longline milk in the fridge - but that’s it. Bit of a letdown there - quite like a beer after a day travelling. 

Dorsett Room bathroom (supplied)

The bathroom sports a walk-in shower with pump packs of shampoo and whatever stuck on the wall. Not a favourite of mine - but these turned out to be squeeze packs - much easier to use. I prefer soap - but not even a little square in sight. One big fail - the water on/off tap is on the same wall as the handheld spray unit - so you have to get wet to turn the water on. I made the mistake of assuming the rain shower was selected - and copped a full blast of freezing Melbourne water right in the chest from the handheld unit. It needs to be turned towards the wall by housekeeping. The best plan is to have the on/off tap on the opposite wall to the spray units. The aircon was efficient and very quiet. 

Dorsett breakfast venue (Ian McIntosh)

Next morning down to floor one for breakfast - and it really was an excellent experience - both for the variety of offerings and the super pleasant gals serving down there. The restaurant is well designed - the cooking area is wide open for all to see. I thought the casserole-style lids on the smorgasbord offerings were a bit on the heavy side - but you can put them on special holders nearby. I finished breakfast with a delicious hot chocolate one of the girls insisted on making for me. 

All in all, it was a very pleasant stay. The is a pool and gym on on of the upper floors by the way.

Dorsett Melbourne
615 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
T: (03) 9123 4888
W: https://www.dorsetthotels.com/dorsett-melbourne/index.html

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