August 14, 2022

Is that a missile in your pocket? Visit a former Soviet nuclear missile site in Lithuania

Is this a good time to go to a Soviet nuclear weapon base? Well, that’s what I did in Lithuania! 🇱🇹

1968 Prague Uprising (source: CEELI Institute)

In 1968, during the Prague uprising, a missile was set up and ready to be launched from its underground shaft, the white dome lid was open, but luckily the final command to “press the button” was not made. Close call, comrades. 

These missiles were powerful enough to reach as far away as Spain!

The tunnels lead to the launching silos (source: Wikimapia)

Plokštinė site is now a Cold War museum of military gear and propaganda posters, and visitors can get into the tunnels of the shaft where the missiles were stored 30 metres underground for almost two decades.
Making fun of Armageddon: Antanas
Serious stuff, but Antanas, from Meja Travel, was honestly the funniest tour guide ever, and we had “the most sober driver in Lithuania”, so it’s not a totally grim day out. Afterwards, he took us to a local restaurant for food and beer. Delicious!
Another recommended excursion on an Oceania Cruises Baltic itinerary. The weather is also much milder than the rest of Europe in an August heatwave!

Journalist, Louise Goldsbury travelled with Oceania Cruises on assignment for Cruise & Travel

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