April 03, 2021

Beauty and the Beast: Singapore's Haunted Gardens

Bukit Batok is a former quarry site now converted into a nature park featuring a memorial to Japanese soldiers who fell in the battle for Singapore in WWII. 

 The current memorial stands where formerly Australian POWs commemorated the war dead of the Allies and Japanese. From there, I took the park connector to the rail corridor and made my way home via 24,000+ steps and 19 kilometres on what is a super hot and sweaty day. Must be time for a beer soon!
Oh, and did I mention it is also the site of a few murders (in crime-free Singapore no less) with 26-year-old Linda Chua raped and murdered there in 2000 while out on her morning jog; 47-year-old Choo Xue Ying killed over a dispute about money in 2008; and in 2019 a Japanese mother and her 5-year-old son found dead there. 

 It’s meant to be one of the most haunted areas in Singapore, which is hard to imagine as it’s so beautiful! 

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