July 03, 2020

Port Adelaide's historic Dockside Tavern demolition rumours appear to be false

As Britannia Tavern in the 1970s. (DL Eime)
Established in 1850 and rebuilt in 1898, the former Britannia Hotel was entered into the South Australian Heritage Register in 1980.

Now the Dockside Tavern at 130 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide the historic pub was confirmed as a State Heritage Place on 24 July 1980.

The Britannia Hotel licence was granted to R. Trott in 1850, for what appears to be an earlier two-storey building on this site. (An 1886 map shows this early building with balconies.) The current building was opened c1890s and is one of the few late Victorian buildings in Port Adelaide. The fine iron and latticework are features of note. (Environment SA)

Rumours of the building's impending demolition would appear to be false. While the phone to the hotel is currently disconnected, the writer was able to speak with local historians, one of whom told Traveloscopy, "That is news to me and be assured if that was to happen, we'd be out there in force!"

The building has had recent cosmetic work completed and there are building applications current in the vicinity, none of which would appear to include the Dockside Tavern.

So it would seem the historic hotel is safe for now. If you have information to the contrary, please add in the comments below.

As Dockside Tavern (Google 2019)

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