September 10, 2018

The trouble with Spain: Too many Spaniards


David Ellis

LIKE something straight out of your favourite TV comedy show, two holidaymakers from England have come home from Spain to complain to their travel agent about fellow-holidaymakers they had to put up with on their vacation.

And they demanded – unsuccessfully as it turns out – a full refund of the cost of their trip, because according to them "there were too many Spaniards in Spain."

"They were all around the place," the ladies said, before going on to ask of their agent in a written complaint "why can't the Spanish go and holiday somewhere else?"

An octogenarian pensioner and her 61-year-old friend, the two went to the popular getaway of Benidorm on the Mediterranean coast in Spain's east, and which has been a favourite of international holidaymakers since 1925, and also happens to be easily accessed by travellers from Spain's inland.

According to the English ladies, their hotel was "teeming with rude Spaniards" and worse still "all the hotel's entertainment was aimed at a Spanish audience."

"The audience really got on our nerves," they said, "we became so upset that one of us ended up in tears."

We wonder where their agent may be game enough to send them next year?


[] SPAIN's Benidorm beach is a magnet for sun worshippers, but according to a complaint by two English holidaymakers their Benidorm vacation there was spoiled by their hotel "teeming with Spaniards, and with all the entertainment aimed at Spanish audiences who really got on our nerves."

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