June 26, 2017

Supermodel pays £600 to bathe in goat's milk at London's Savoy Hotel


David Ellis

WHEN one of the world's top supermodels booked into London's swank Savoy Hotel and said she wanted a very special bath, it fell on the hotel's Head Butler, Sean Davoren to ensure the fulfilment of her wish.

And that wish was for some 35 litres of goat's milk that she could mix with water straight from the tap, and to wallow in in her bathtub. And the milk had to be that-day fresh, and it had to be unpasteurised.

Forever unflappable, Mr Davoren located just where he could find the precise goat's milk for the lady's needs, and assured her he'd have a taxi go collect it straight away.

And while the milk would cost 50-pounds (around AU$87,) there would also be the matter of the taxi… and that would be in a somewhat different league. Because the specific milk the lady wanted could only be sourced from a goat dairy in Wales, the taxi to go and collect it would cost 600-pounds (AU$1,040.)

No problem said the lady, and some time after the milk had been collected, delivered safely back to The Savoy, warmed in the kitchen and taken to her bathroom, Mr Davoren received another request: the lady now needed thirty bottles of a top-brand mineral water to be warmed, and delivered to her bathroom so she could now cleanse her body of any goat's milk residue.

Which makes us wonder if Cleopatra, who was also known to bathe in goat's milk, had staff of the calibre of Mr Davoren to ensure her of baths that were as good as The Savoy's to help keep her looking beautiful…



[] HEAD Butler, Sean Davoren – absolutely unflappable, even if the request is for a  goat's milk bath.

[] A BATHROOM at The Savoy: goat's milk and hot water for a VIP's plunge,  followed by a wash down with thirty bottles of warmed mineral water. (All images The Savoy hotel)

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