November 29, 2016

Exploring the colonial heritage buildings of old Rangoon

When the British finally left Burma in 1948, they left behind 124 years of colonial heritage in the form of buildings, landmarks and history.

Many of the fine architectural examples were damaged by bombing in WWII and fell into further disrepair after neglect by the military regime who took control of the country in 1962.

Today these buildings, many more than 100 years old, exist in a mixed state of repair. Some appear to be derelict but are still inhabited by a motley assortment of tenants comprising families and small business operators.

Others are nominally occupied by government agencies or restored for use by more ambitious enterprises such as the immaculate The Strand Hotel.

In the meantime, NGOs like the non-profit, Yangon Heritage Trust aim to "protect and promote Yangon's urban heritage through the development of a cohesive urban plan for the city."

Unknown building off the Strand.

Some buildings seem to be derelict but still sustain life

Eerie cobwebs in an empty elevator shaft

The former Irrawaddy Flotilla Company Building

The former police commissioner's building now being restored as a 229-room luxury hotel

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