June 20, 2016

Come along for a free-wheelin' bike tour of New Orleans

New Orleans is a city perfectly suited to bicycle touring. It's flat with quiet street route options and affords the visitor an intimate and comfortable experience.

Of course, you can hire your own and do your own thing, but we tagged along for one of the guided tours from The American Bicycle Rental Company centrally located at 325 Burgundy Street.

Our guide, Jonathan, took us on a relaxed cycle through the back streets and neighbourhoods, pointing out significant buildings and sites along the way with fun, informed commentary. The bikes are classic cruiser cycles, comfortable and easy to ride for the three hours we were in the saddle, covering about 15kms.

We toured on a Sunday, so traffic was quiet and we enjoyed waving to families relaxing in their yards and would recommend this to anyone contemplating the same. The popular advice is not Fridays as the roads are busy.

We stop often for interpretive stories at significant sites
The heritage-listed Dufour-Baldwin House is just
one of many superb historic houses along the route.
The spooky Catholic cemetery, where the deceased cannot be buried below ground
Centuries-old oak trees in city park.
Jonathan leads the group through scenic back streets like this one.

Book a bike tour now
325 Burgundy Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: 504-324-8257

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