July 12, 2015

Royal Enfield motorcycle rentals now available in Australia

It's a retro and regal ride aboard a Royal Enfield

Stop Press: The Conties are here! Shipment arrived along with new Classics and Bullets

"It’s more fun when you are dodging rickshaws, dogs, cows and chickens,” riding pal Keith tells me about his recent 12-day motorcycle tour through southern India aboard a classic Royal Enfield. He’s not kidding either. On a street somewhere in Goa he was nearly skewered by a kamikaze cockerel who took an instant dislike to him.

Keith, aboard a Classic in 'Desert Storm'.
With his tour guide in India
Let’s face it, you have to be pretty committed to sign up for two weeks in India on a motorcycle, yet Extreme Bike Tours have no trouble filling their two-wheeled expeditions there - or in Mongolia, Tibet or Bhutan.

Fortunately there are less taxing alternatives closer to home and with the arrival of America’s long-established EagleRider franchise in Australia, it’s now possible to ride locally on a superb Royal Enfield classic motorcycle.

When EagleRider Australia first opened their doors at Burwood, Sydney, in November 2013, their signature bike was the venerable Harley-Davidson. Their showroom was full of every type of ‘hog’ from zippy Sportsters to leisurely cruisers like the fabulous Electra Glide Ultra - akin to riding a 100hp sofa.

Last year four of us banded together and took a brace of Harleys out into NSW’s glorious central west, rounding up Wollongong, Goulburn, Bathurst and the Blue Mountains. It was a great week filled with open roads, wind in our helmets, oversize steaks and lots of bloke talk.

The exercise was made all the more easier by using using Best Western’s designated ‘Rider Friendly’ hotels and motels along the way.

Now that EagleRider have added the 100-year-old Royal Enfield brand to their stable, it’s easy to meet the pent-up demand and accommodate riders with less experience.

Extreme Bike Tours group ready to ride in India. Now set to launch in Australia with EagleRider.
"We'd been looking for a learner-legal motorcycle to complement the Harleys," Santina Keith, of EagleRider Australia told me, "Royal Enfield ticked all the boxes and we love them!"

Two glorious Classic 500s are in the Burwood showroom right now and a whole bunch are on their way from the factory in India, including a very sexy Continental GT cafe racer. In red of course.

So, I’m on the phone to Keith. “Let’s go for a ride,” I say and we’re both on the back of a Classic faster than you can say ‘cock-a-doodle-do’.

Writer aboard a Classic in tan
at EagleRider HQ
We head west along the familiar main roads, but delight in detouring via Agnes Banks and the back way into Springwood where we find a log fire and big burgers at the Orient Hotel.

“Hey mate! Is that your Enfield? That’s a great restoration.” I turn around and see three burly chaps in leather waistcoats looking at Keith and I.

“Actually, it’s brand new.”

This is common for our day out. Folks stopped and asked us what they were and where we bought them because even though the wonderful Classic 500 looks like an immaculate museum piece, the machinery is very much up-to-date.

The single-cylinder 500cc engine is fuel-injected, even though the intake is carefully disguised as an authentic-looking carburettor. The oversize bicycle-style seat is surprisingly comfy and there’s a disk brake up front. While there is an effortless electric starter, you can still impress onlookers by using the cool retro kicker and, needless to say, it sounds every bit 1950.

Continental GT cafe racer. Yep, that's what we thought.
You can hire one of these beauties from $150 a day, about $30 less than the smallest Harley-Davidson. A wonderful and nostalgic way to spend your Sunday in the open air. The biggest problem you’ll face is handing it back.

Call EagleRider to book a Royal Enfield on +612 9747 3064

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