February 09, 2015

Struth! World Pie Eating Champion wins in split decision

IN his continuing search for the more weird, wacky and wondrous in the world of the traveller, David Ellis says the 22nd Annual World Pie Eating Championships at Harry's Bar at Wigan in England's Manchester, have ended in something of Pie Noon.

Because the meat and potato pies for the Championships were delivered by mistake to revellers at a Divorce Party down the road – leaving the 24 competition Pie Eaters facing a table-load of pies that had been intended for that divorce celebration, and were double the Championship's regulation 25cm diameter.

And although their pies were cut in half for health-safety reasons, and a former champion Barry Rigby (who remarkably for a pie-eater is a part-time professional fitness instructor) chomped through his half in a fastest time of 42.6 seconds, organisers decided the 22nd Annual Championships were a non-event.

The bizarre Championships originally centred on the most pies eaten in three minutes (the record was 7,) but Government Healthy Eating regulations introduced in 2006 saw the rules changed to the fastest time to consume a single pie (currently 35.86 seconds.)

And past winners have included former Australian Rugby player Matt Dunning, who won the event for fastest time in 2006.


[] PIE eater: fastest at the 22nd Annual World Pie Eating Championship, Barry Rigby – but the event was declared a non-event as the wrong pies were offered up. (Pic: Wigan Today)

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