October 15, 2012


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Hotel room party (http://whatsgoingonwiththejohnsons.blogspot.com.au)

One in four Aussies confess to holding parties in their hotel room, almost a quarter have run naked in public areas of a hotel and a staggering 70% admit to taking ten minutes to figure out how to turn on a hotel shower.

(Editor notes: Nov. 2016. Webjet sells Zuji to HK)

Online travel agent, ZUJI.com.au, uncovered the results in a survey to find out more about the average Australian's hotel habits.  James Gaskell, Managing Director of ZUJI Australia and APAC, says the survey saw over 1,000 respondents weigh in on their hotel habits, hang-ups and secrets.

"Overall, Australians like to relax and unwind when staying in a hotel room.  Sleeping in late, having access to free breakfast and Wi-Fi and finding a hotel which provides good value for money are major priorities.  However, some of our survey results were surprising, to say the least," says Gaskell.

In addition to indulging their inner party animal every now and then, the results show that travellers also tend to let their concerns about the environment relax a little bit when staying in a hotel.  Respondents admitted to getting an extra key cut to keep the air-con running all day, taking long showers and getting their towels washed every day.

"Surprisingly, the naughtiest age group we found were those aged 45-55!  The results of our survey consistently showed that this demographic was the most likely to have done a 'nudie run' and hold room parties," says Gaskell.

  • Over half of survey respondents say they choose where they stay based on price and value over reviews or location.  Interestingly, around one in ten Australians say they won't stay anywhere that doesn't provide free breakfast and free Wi-Fi.
  • When it comes to hotel peeves, Australians are definitely not morning folk, with 31% selecting early checkouts and 26% selecting breakfast finishing too early as the most unpleasant thing about staying in a hotel.
  • 40% of Australians admitted to smuggling in a group of friends and family into a room they'd booked for just one or two people.  But when it comes to smuggling out breakfast from the buffet, Aussies draw the line.  70% say they've never done it.
  • When it comes to hygiene, 70% of Australians came clean and admitted to taking 'abnormally' long showers during their hotel stays, while 23% opt for clean towels every time they bathe.
  • 63% of Australians have had an extra key made up at reception so they can leave the air conditioning on while they are out.
  • Almost a quarter of Australians admit to doing a 'nudie run' through a hotel corridor and about 10% admit to regularly holding room parties.  Men proved about 5% more likely than women to have run naked through the halls.
  • The major surprise for the survey was the 45-54 age group, which was statistically the most likely demographic to have run naked, most likely to regularly sleep naked and most likely to have had room parties.

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