July 05, 2012


3 million Australians travel overseas each year. 16%-19% of these lose one day or more of their trip due to illness[1]. With the 2012 London Olympics fast approaching, thousands of Aussies are planning to travel to the UK to support the Australian athletes.  Aussie followers are being urged to take the necessary precautions to prevent illness on their trip.

Ravinder Lilly, Nutritionist at USANA Health Sciences, global nutritional supplements manufacturer says, "It is essential to protect your health before and during travelling. Travelling can unfortunately affect the body in such a way that it lowers immunities and increases the likelihood of encountering germs that can trigger illnesses from tummy upsets to colds to other infections. If you are planning on travelling overseas or a long distance domestic trip, you should consider taking extra precautions now, in order to defend against sickness."

Ms. Lilly has the following top three tips for travellers to avoid developing an illness:

Stay hydrated
The humidity on a plane is much lower than on dry land. Opt for plenty of water while in flight and avoid too much alcohol and caffeinated drinks that can make dehydration worse.  Staying hydrated will also help fight off headaches.

Wash your hands
Hand washing is the number one tip in avoiding illness. When travelling, you are likely to be in contact with a lot of common areas used by a high volume of other people such as buses, trains, planes, light switches, lift buttons etc. Wash your hands regularly and carry some hand sanitizer with you for those occasions where you don't have access to soap or cleaning supplies

Take a good vitamin and mineral supplement
Take relevant vitamins when travelling in order to boost your immune system and help defend against the spread of germs. Vitamins A, C and E are important immune boosters. Vitamin D, which a third of Aussies are deficient in, can also boost immune health.

USANA's Healthpak contains all of these and is the most convenient way to stay healthy and active while travelling, whilst also helping to boost the immune system and promotion of all round good health.

Healthpak is a four in one product supplying USANA's premier products in convenient packets that include Essentials (Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that work together to develop a nutritional foundation) and Active Calcium Plus. The individual dosages make travelling and maintaining a hectic lifestyle easier. You don't need to fuss with several bottles of vitamins. It's all in one easy to carry pack. Autoship Price: $195.00

Ms Lilly also says it's important to snack on low GI foods when travelling that provide a convenient source of nutrition and sustained energy.

USANA Health Sciences' new Nutrition Bars in peanut butter crunch flavour are the ideal travel companion.  These are a tasty and handy source of protein and an energy boost to keep you going until your next meal.
Autoship Price: $47.50

"Preparation is the key to avoiding illness whilst travelling. Although there are a lot of factors to consider before taking off on a trip, your health is the most important. So plan ahead and prepare in order to defend against any nasty bugs," concludes Ms Lilly.

USANA Health Sciences was founded in 1992 in the United States by microbiologist and immunologist, Dr Myron Wentz.  It is now a global company operating in 14 countries and was established in Australia and New Zealand in 1998.  There are now over 50,000 Independent Associates (distributors) in the region.

USANA was founded with a distinct vision of providing greater health and financial opportunities for its independent associates, shareholders and its employees.   The products are backed by an accredited team of scientific experts and USANA has been awarded a 5-star rating for its nutritional products – the highest of any available in Australia in the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements (2nd Ed) by Lyle McWilliam, an independent Canadian biochemist.

USANA is directly sold by men and women in Australia who choose to work from home on either a full time basis or for a few hours a week, providing an opportunity to achieve financial freedom and limitless growth.  USANA prides itself of its integrity and ethical business practices.

For more information on USANA Health Sciences visit www.usana.com or call 1800 670 126

Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.  USE ONLY AS DIRECTED.  ALWAYS READ THE LABEL.  If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.
*Do not take while on warfarin therapy without medical advice.

[1] Deakin University Health Advice 2011

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