April 09, 2012

STRUTH ! Airline Pranks Parents

IN his continuing search for the more weird, whacky and wondrous in the world of travel, David Ellis says Canadian low-cost airline WestJet was inundated with calls from potential customers from across the country – and Media from around the world – when it announced a new concept in flying.

It said in a Press Statement that it's new program would provide dedicated sections of its aircraft for adults-only, and a "VIP area in which kids would be looked after by a "Kargo Kids Kounsellor" with plenty of toys and a state-of-the-art feed trough so that kids could run, play, scream and eat all they want.

"This would enable parents and other adults to enjoy hassle-free flying in the dedicated adults-only areas of their aircraft," the statement said.

And while WestJet's switchboard went into almost meltdown as operators handled thousands of calls from potential joyous passengers seeking a child-free flying environment, it's Vice President Communications, Richard Bartrem fielded calls from Media world-wide.

And everyone – potential passengers and Media alike – who rang, was told to look at the date of WestJet's announcement for this service that so many had so-long wished and prayed for.

It was April 1.


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