January 01, 2009

Top 5 Unknown Tourist Attractions Of the World


If you want to find "Neverland" here is some help with the best secret tourist attractions on Earth. We are sure that you and the others have not heard of them before:

Willunga, Australia: This town in Australia is an hour’s drive towards the south of Adelaide. You will find the town in the McLaren Vale area and its specialty lies in the abundance of Shiraz and other red wines that taste heavenly. The limelight is taken away by Russell's Pizza - a local pizza parlor. The Willunga Farmers Market also offers fresh stuff and the beef found here tastes great, as the cows are grass fed only.

Chapada Dos Veadeiros, Brazil: The 253-square-mile national park in Chapada dos Veadeiros is the ideal place to get refreshed. It gives you all the positive vibes and has a large concentration of natural quartz crystals that are considered to have magical powers. According to most Brazilians, this place has the highest concentrated energy than any other place in the world. The place also makes way for many interesting activities like hiking, swimming, bird watching and waterfall exploration.

Graskop, South Africa: This South African town has a lovely mix of hip artists and traditional Afrikaner farmers. Anyone interested in traditional and contemporary African culture would like to visit this place. You can meet many African groups here and have a taste of their culture. The artistic scene here is colorful due to the recent inflow of Zulu, Shangaan, Swazi, and other African groups that have crept into this area since the end of apartheid.

Weymouth, England: Sandy beaches, cobblestoned streets and Georgian homes of Weymouth run along the English Channel. All those who love this kind of an atmosphere should visit Weymouth for a memorable experience. Weymouth is also one of the best diving spots in the world with waters teeming with Roman shipwrecks, submarines from both world wars and the remains of a 16th-century Dutch sailing fleets. The charm of the English city is superb and it will give you that old English feeling.

Gaziantep, Turkey: The food flavor is wonderful here. It may be normal to have just 4 spices in Turkish food in most parts of Turkey, but here they use at least 15 spices. Do not leave the place without tasting the food here. The dessert's main ingredient - pistachios, are found in abundance in the surrounding countryside.

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